Artists Statement

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”                                                                                                                                                    Carl Jung

I collect “stuff.” I am a hoarder of objects and materials old and new. My studio is bursting at the seams with things that I’ve gathered from flea markets, hardware stores and nature.  There is furniture, fabric, ladders, tar, ash, jewelry, postcards, bolts, illustrations, brooms, mops, feathers, shells, skulls, dried flowers and fire hoses.  Some of these may stay in my studio for years before being incorporated into my work. Some of these I gathered for a specific job, and they’re still here.

There’s also canvas, paint, glue and clay.  But they all come together as works of sculptures, installations and paintings that are abstract or may reference nature or the human form.

The thread that runs through all my work is the process of experimentation, with a sense of play and curiosity. There is an inquisitiveness about what I can do with an object or material. What happens when I cut, wrap, burn, paint, erase, pour, add/subtract, deconstruct, and transform. This process is crucial as it opens up so many avenues and dictates the journey the work will take later on. I am often surprised at the results of my labor while in a state of making as often the work will reveal a narrative which has been hidden deep in my psyche.  When I have finished my explorations the original object or material may still be recognizable or not show at all but it has played its part in my investigations.

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