I am compelled to make things

My practice encompasses using objects and materials from everyday life.

I am attracted to using things that are already imbued with their own history before I make a mark on them. I believe these objects and materials hold onto elemental details of where they come from and I am interested in channeling that past energy inherent in them. In an age of so much waste I also find the idea or re purposing or to re-imagine and give further life to used and discarded material my way of “doing my bit” for the environment.

Furniture, clothes, cups, maps, postcards, catalogs, ash, salt, water hoses, brushes, and books are some of the things I use to create sculpture, paintings, and collages that express or explore themes that resonate with me. Throughout my work I find myself returning to similar themes of displacement, disconnection, loss, longing or desire. For example fabrics, worn and discarded, touch upon loss and desire; a glimpse of the human form or chair evoke a feeling of absence and presence; a deteriorating or covered photograph, faded papers and old maps suggest permanence and impermanence. These visual metaphors that I employ stand in place for the emotional issues inherent in the human experience.

I intuitively let the material speak to me. My process while working is to erase, cut, cover up, fragment, sand, overlap and generally keep going until I am satisfied with the form, color and composition. When I have finished the original material may still be recognizable  or not show at all but has played its part in my process of building or taking away from it. Constructing and deconstructing to form my art.

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